Lonely Girl

Feature Film

Genre / Psychological Thriller

Writer / Lynne Vincent McCarthy

Producer / Sam Jennings

Executive Producers / Jonathan Page (MARY & MAX, 100 BLOODY ACRES), Kristina Ceyton (THE BABADOOK)






Binger Film Lab Scholarship Screen Australia

Jan Chapman’s Waking Dream: First to Second Script Development Finance

Screen Australia: Second to Third Draft Script Development Finance

Screen Australia: Third to Fourth Draft Script Development Finance

Screen Australia Travel Grant: The Berlinale Co-Production Market 2014

New Zealand Film Commission: CEO Delegation Funding

Screen Australia: Pre Financing Funding



An isolated young woman accidentally runs down and badly hurts a suspected killer. Terrified for her life, she locks him in her basement. And then she decides to keep him.  


LYNNE VINCENT MCCARTHY is a sought after script advisor and screenwriter, having developed AXEFALL with director Jonathan Teplitsky (RAILWAY MAN). She was also 1 of 5 nationwide selected for Screen Australia’s Springboard Initiative and wrote and directed short films STRANGEFACE, TEST DRIVE and PINK. Lynne was selected for Binger Film Lab with LONELY GIRL and has since developed the screenplay with investment from Jan Chapman (THE PIANO, LANTANA) via Waking Dream Productions and Screen Australia. Lynne is script editing Jennifer Kent’s upcoming projects and has been a Development Executive at both Screen Australia and Screen NSW.